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Michael Bay: The Hands of Bomb
"Michael Bay" The Hands of Bombs (Based off the horrible made film '"Manos" the Hands of Fate')
By J.R.82
One day, the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  were in their Turtle-Van on their very first vacation ever and on their way to Nickelodeon Studios to talk about the making of a new CGI series, but got lost in Los Angeles, California. It was getting late in the evening and the Turtles needed a place to sleep for the night. That's when they saw a sign for the "Valley Lodge", and decided to go for it.
By the time it hit sunset, the turtles sees a strange white stone mansion, with a weird looking guy outside the front door. They get out of the van to see if they can stay there for the night. "I am 'Shila'! I'm an actor that gets the most screen time in Bay films, even though my character's name isn't even in the film's title. I also take care of the place while the Director is away!" - Shila LaBeouf.
...That's all I got on this story. End!
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My MLP:FiM Original Character: Tone Deaf (Profile) :iconnuke-mayhem:Nuke-Mayhem 7 4 Nuke on RickCelis' Profile Sheet :iconnuke-mayhem:Nuke-Mayhem 3 0 Nuke Mayhem by MistressMustang :iconnuke-mayhem:Nuke-Mayhem 4 0 Consider All Choices :iconnuke-mayhem:Nuke-Mayhem 1 2
Nuke Mayhem Mini-Story: Car Theft
Nuke Mayhem Mini-Story: Car Theft
It was a late weekend night in Over-Grown City, when in a not-so-safe part of town, a fancy guy driving his fancy new car pulls into an old parking lot under a freeway bridge, to go to a nearby dance club. He parks the car by itself, locks it, and walk away, stubbornly thinking the car will be safe by itself in a bad neighborhood. That's when a group of five male crooks rush over to the new car, planning to steal it and sell its parts on the chop shop. The leader of the five crooks pulls out a slim jim, trying to carefully unlock the driver's door without leaving any scratches because the better the quality the parts are in, the higher the price they can get on them. The other four get behind their leader giving him advice on how to use the slim jim but are mainly just annoying the crook. Then suddenly a sixth person joins in on the situation.
Mysterious Voice:
"Tisk tisk tisk. How wrong, how wrong. You all should be ashamed of yourselves."
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Nuke Mayhem Mini-Story: Convenience Store Robbery
Nuke Mayhem Mini-Story: Convenience Store Robbery
One night, Nuke was walking home after doing some patrols rounds, when he suddenly gets a call on his new cell phone, from his robot butler "Jeeves".
"Hello Nuke, it's Je.."
Nuke Mayhem (Egotistical tone with cocky smile):
"I already knew it's you Jeeves, with my new cell phone."
Jeeves (Annoyed):
"Yes Nuke, almost every cell phone in the world tells you who's calling before you answer it. I can't believe you spent two months worth of apartment rent for that piece of junk!"
Nuke Mayhem (Angered):
"Hey! Don't insult my baby, and trust me, it was worth it!"
"Let's just focused on the now shall we? We're almost out of bread, milk, ketchup, and other foods. So if you want me to be able to make your supper tonight, you'll have to do some shopping for me.
Nuke Mayhem:
"Ok, I'm next to that fancy convenience store that dose a good job of supplying good foods. I'll do the shopping there."
"Ok, but this time don't
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I'm mainly just a laidback, lazy, digital artist, that just does art for fun once in a while. I also have an active imagination that won't shut-up, even when I go to bed (Just wish I have the art-and-ext skills worthy of it). One day I hope to one day use that imagination to make movies, shows, theme park rides, and characters that people want go to and see (It's what Disney calls an Imagineer).

My Favorite DA Memebers:
:iconjaehthebird: :iconlordcoyote: :iconksnkun: :iconsrsishere: :iconestonius: :icontofutastic: :iconlilyroseiris: :iconamelie-ami-chan: :iconherms85: :icontvskyle: :iconnekocrispy: :iconchadrocco: :iconflintofmother3: :iconcerberuslives: :iconthayef-w: :iconmibevan:
How has everyone been doing? Sorry I've gone for so long, you can blame work and "Disney Infinity 3.0" for that. Don't know how long I'll stay this time but I'll bring as much fun as I can while I'm still here.

In not-so-good news, somebody hacked into my furaffinity account and changed the password, and I can't fix it because account uses an old e-mail address that died off. :P


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